Probably the largest STUMP GRINDING business in CITY OF STOKE-ON-TRENT

Tree stumps can be unsightly and hazardous, making tree stump removal a desirable choice for many homeowners. Stump grinding provides a safe and cost-efficient way to remove tree stumps.

We provide Stump Grinding / Stump Removal services IN City of Stoke-on-trent and surrounding areas.

IN City of Stoke-on-trent, We cater for domestic stump grinding & commercial stump grinding. With no stump being too small or too big.

We currently have 2 large industrial and 2 large domestic STUMP GRINDING machines.

When stump grinding is done to multiple tree stumps on the same visit, stump grinding can be from as low as £20/stump*

Stump Removal Stump Grinding Stump Removal Stump Grinding Stump Removal Stump Grinding

Here in City of Stoke-on-trent, not often, but on some occasions, we are able to do a next-day STUMP GRINDING, depending on where the work is and where our stump grinding team is working that day. Call and enquire if this is something you need.

Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Stump grinders are essential for any tree stump removal job. With powerful, rotating teeth, these machines easily chew away at the tree stump left behind after a tree removal has been done.

Stump grinding creates lots of chips of wood but they can be used as on-site mulch or added to your green waste can.

Industrial Stump grinders are normally used by professionals like us, such as trained tree-care specialists. As with most heavy, powerful equipment, the chance for injury is somewhat high. Our operators are very experienced.

When operating the stump grinder, operators must wear protective equipment to shield themselves (and other personnel nearby) from flying debris and noise. Debris can be anything from sharp pieces of wood to dirt, stones, bricks, glass, and much more.


Whatsapp instant Stump Grinding quotes

Whilst we can always come and survey your exact requirements if you think they might be complex or not straightforward. We can usually provide an instant quote via the common messaging app, WHATSAPP.

Simply send us some photos and a walk-through video, showing us the access to where the work is required from where we can park outside your property. (standard-size transit work van). Then from the knowledge of your work and your location details (address of the task), then we can give you a price over the phone.

Stump grinding is a great way to get rid of those unsightly stumps that may be taking up space in your yard or garden.

1 Step 1

In order to give you an instant quote, please upload at least a video. Photo's also help. Please describe the work required in the video and show access if it is restrictive. The video or images will help us determine if we can get our equipment to the area, or confirm how we can remove tree branches to our chipper.


*Speak to our sales team to see if you qualify for multiple stump grinding discounts, and what they might be.    Contact us.

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