If you have a stump grinding requirement, contact us via this page and one of our trained and experienced advisers will get in touch quickly to discuss your needs and quote you for the work required.

Where possible, send us a small video of the stump and surrounding area, with a walk back to the road where you imagine us parking, to show the access. From this video we should be able to confirm we are able to get our machinery from our van to the actual stump. Sometimes stumps are inaccessible to our heavy-duty stump grinders, for example in rockeries and raised areas. In rare cases, stump grinding is not possible and you may need to consider tree stump removal by manual means.

We have a couple of teams on the road throughout the northwest region and we can normally accommodate you within a couple of days of you accepting our quote.

We are available for domestic stump grinding and commercial stump grinding projects. No job too big, no job too small.